Resigned Chief Supt. Vicente Loot was one of the wealthiest authorities in the Philippine National Police with a total assets of more than P100 million. 

However, Loot, who is currently Daanbantayan leader in northern Cebu, clarified that his advantages were procured through bank credits and other "legitimate means." 

Beside his home in Daanbantayan, his family likewise claimed 18 houses generally in Mandaue City, which he had leased, a cockpit field and five extravagance vehicles. 

Loot total assets worth more than P100M
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Chief Supt. Bernardo Diaz, then again, kept a calm way of life when he was executive of the Police Regional Office in Western Visayas (PRO-6) for right around a year. 

A few police authorities were shocked that Diaz was ensnared in illicit durgs since he was vocal against unlawful medications which he said had defrauded his family. 

Diaz and Loot were among the five dynamic and resigned PNP authorities who were labeled by President Duterte as being medication defenders. 

Loot said he was all the while attempting to get an arrangement to see Mr. Duterte and PNP Director General Ronald dela Rosa so he could clarify his side. 

He said he was subjected to way of life check by the NBI in 2009, and the case at the Ombudsman was released on the grounds that he could clarify the wellspring of their riches. 

Loot emphasized that the allegations could be a piece of dark publicity particularly that his family was in governmental issues. His better half, Maria Luisa, was leader of Daanbantayan while his stepson, Sun Shimura, is commonplace board part. 

Loot likewise guaranteed that his name had been utilized by individuals required as a part of unlawful drugs. He reviewed that while serving as representative territorial executive situated in Leyte, a suspected drug ruler in the region was captured in 2012. 

Kerwin Espinosa was captured taking after a shootout with policemen in Leyte who were serving a capture warrant issued by a court in Cebu City. Espinosa was allegedly a relative of a suspected drug master, Jeffrey Diaz, moniker "Panther," who was murdered as of late in Las Pinas. 

Espinosa apparently made it give the idea that he was Loot's subordinate since he purchased his battling cocks from the authority. 

Be that as it may, Loot said the allegation was unreasonable in light of the fact that he was the person who requested to execute the warrant against Espinosa. 

"My name is extremely helpless particularly that I run a cockpit field which is here and there belittled by drug pushers," he said. Loot conceded that the benefits he earned from his cockpit field empowered him to procure different properties."

Source: INQ

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