In accordance with his vision to transform government channel PTV 4 into a free media system, Presidential Communications Office Secretary Martin Andanar on Thursday said groups from the Australian Broadcasting Corp. (ABC) and the British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) may visit the nation soon. 

"I've addressed the Australian Embassy and the British Embassy. They're willing to, in truth they are now conversing with our partner state media, in ABC and BBC and they ought to send [a] group to help us out," Andanar said.

International media groups to visit PH for PTV 4 transformation — Andanar
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Andanar, who prior specified his arrangement to patch up PTV 4 and example it after the BBC, said that he needs to streamline and amplify the administration's media resources, which incorporate the PTV 4, Radyo ng Bayan and 37 other radio stations. 

He said he's concentrating on the charter of the PTV 4. 

Andanar said that amid the primary Cabinet meeting, President Rodrigo Duterte himself recommended changing the PTV 4 charter and "wedding" the BBC viewpoint "all together for the system to have article autonomy." 

BBC is an open administration telecaster and "statutory partnership" in the United Kingdom that is free from state control. 

Andanar recognized that there will be "unpleasant sailing ahead" yet he said even BBC and ABC keep on experiencing the same issues. 

"Yet, we have an abundance of contextual investigations to take a gander at on the best way to manage these issues, particularly the publication autonomy of the TV system," he said. 

Asked how the PTV 4 will turn out to be fiscally autonomous like the BBC, Andanar said that they have yet to choose. 

"We haven't gone to that however my partners are as of now drafting, learning both contracts."

"The most vital is publication independence," he said. 

He clarified that PTV 4 does not get cash from the administration since it is now a legislature possessed and - controlled enterprise. 

In any case, he said, "We must be reasonable. Since with the goal us should assemble this system we ought to have the capacity to get reserves from Congress. In the meantime, we ought to have the capacity to wed the BBC part of it where we can likewise create our own particular assets through publicizing." 

Andanar said he is additionally investigating building up a "television center" in Mindanao. 

"The motivation behind why in Davao is on the grounds that it's without hurricane, moderately contrasted with Manila and Cebu. So whatever happens, there's a storm we can at present show for the country," he said.

Source: Inquirer

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