After journalist Boying Pimentel of Inquirer published his story “The rest of the world knows war on drugs doesn’t work” on Inquirer, July 22, Duterte supporters were quick to throw their counter-arguments to the claims of the said journalist.

In his write-up, Pimental echoed the statements of UN leaders during their meeting on the global war against drugs and drugs abuse. He quoted, and suggested that it should resonate among Filipinos, this statement: “Tens of millions of people, mostly poor and racial and ethnic minorities, were incarcerated, mostly for low-level and non-violent drug law violations, with little if any benefit to public security.”

He also argued that the effectiveness of treatment, rehabilitation, and even decriminalization of drug use and possession have been recognized by governments and civic groups.

Inquirer journalist gets slammed by netizens over anti-Duterte article
Screengrab from Inquirer online site
He provided excerpts from a letter sent to the UN, which said that the war on drugs had tragic consequences and that governments that “devoted disproportionate resources to repression at the expense of efforts to be better the human condition.”

Pimentel also described Duterte’s war as a “cruel, reckless witchunt” and gave emphasis on the lack of due process for those who were gunned down without having been given a chance to prove themselves guilty or otherwise.

He also quoted his lawyer-activist friend, Raffy Aquino, who called the President crass, intellectually dishonest, and breathtakingly contemptuous of the Filipino. He also expressed that Duterte is undeserving of the title manananggol.

Meanwhile, netizens who are supporters of Duterte immediately defended him. According to Victorino Landra, the lawyer cited in the write-up is selfish as a businessman because the president’s war on drugs causes a decline in the number of his clients due to the voluntary surrenders. 

Another netizen, Sam Alegato, said that the President is doing a balancing act in order to save the country and that he is optimistic about the positive results when the president leaves the office. | ASCS - FNPH

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