According to a source, President Duterte is peering toward Bongbong Marcos for the Comelec Chairman position one year from now after the 1 year ban is lifted. If this is really true, then it presumably will make a considerable measure buzz from everybody. 

It has been "an inside knowledge" that Duterte was exceptionally distrustful when VP Leni Robredo won the decisions two months back. He knew that BBM was driving the studies by a colossal edge against every single other hopeful, including Leni. 

Thus, it was such an extremely amazing result to see Robredo win the VP seat rather than his great companion BBM. 

Duterte to give COMELEC chairman post to Marcos?
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There had been a considerable measure of talk that the Daang Matuwid gathering may fix the election result by method for the VP seat. Many individuals needed her to win and voted in favor of Leni yet everyone realized that Marcos would win. 

Furthermore, they realized that if the outcome indicated Leni as the champ, then discretionary extortion was set up. On his part, BBM has as of now petitioned for a discretionary challenge to the Comelec. God knows whether it will ever support on his side. 

Duterte's arrangement to put him as Comelec Chairman may change BBM's fate. Regardless this remaining parts to be seen subsequent to every little thing about this intense arrangement is guessed and under wraps.

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