Despite China choosing not to accept nor acknowledge the ruling on the maritime dispute on the West Philippine Sea, other nations have expressed their respect for the verdict by the tribunal.

Vietnam, which has also claimed the disputed sea area, welcomed the ruling and called for the territorial quarrels to stop and be resolved by using “diplomacy and legal processes” instead of force.

Japan also expects that the two parties, Philippines and China, will comply by the ruling and that it would lead to a peaceful settlement of disputes in the South China Sea.

Countries back up maritime dispute ruling
Photo from REUTERS/Edgar Su
Echoing the suggestions of other Asean members, Thailand called for a code of conduct with regards to the South China Sea. Singapore also urged all parties involved to “fully respect legal and diplomatic processes”.

Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman has said, “We support the peaceful resolution of disputes among claimants in accordance with universally recognized principles of international law . . . without resorting to the threat or use of force.”

Malaysia has also expressed territorial claims in the South China Sea but it urged all sides to exercise restraint and to avoid use of force. It believes that a peaceful resolution is possible with respect for international law. ASCS - FNPH

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