On Sunday, Palace defended President Rodrigo Duterte's meeting with Cebu agent Peter Lim, who is associated with being one of the main three drug rulers in the nation. 

"Indeed, tthe alleged suspect, drug lord suspect Peter Lim has already expressed his intentions to clear his name, let’s leave it at that," Communications Secretary Martin Andanar when asked over state-run radio dzRB for what valid reason Duterte let Lim leave the meeting alive. 

The inquiry was pegged on Duterte's late explanation: "In the event that he has companions here, sabihin mo sa kanya, the minute he arrives here at NAIA, he will die...Do not return to the Philippines any longer, the minute he ventures out of the plane, he will kick the bucket. That is my confirmation to the general population of the Philippines." 

Why Duterte let Peter Lim walk away alive
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The underlying data uncovered by MalacaƱang on Lim false name Jaguar was that he was out of the nation. 

Amid his meeting with the Cebu specialist, Duterte simply debilitated to execute him if confirmation would demonstrate that he is the "nom de plume Jaguar" who handles illicit medication operations in the Visayas. 

Lim denied to Duterte that he was assumed name Jaguar. He has likewise guaranteed that he will submit himself to government examinations. 

The Bureau of Immigration had said that there are more than 4,000 individuals with the name of Peter Lim on its records. 

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Andanar said that taking after the meeting, the "weight" of demonstrating his guiltlessness is currently on Lim. 

"We should simply hold up until the last examination turns out. We should simply sit tight for Mr. Peter Lim's confirmation and what he can appear to clear him from this assertion," he included. 

Duterte proposed to Lim amid the meeting to carry a legal advisor with him and go to the Department of Justice or straightforwardly to the National Bureau of Investigations for the examination. 

Andanar, in the mean time, denied that Duterte is executing "particular equity" in his against wrongdoing drive. 

"All things considered, as should be obvious that the President has even named the Level 5 drug rulers. Level 5 drug rulers or asserted medication masters are the most noteworthy that you can get in the chain of command of the individuals who are offering, pushing, selling illicit medications," he said. 

He included: "Now, to the extent I can recall in the history, I have not seen a president who has been so overcome in declaring to the general population the general population who have been or professedly are behind this threat of medications."

Source: GMA News

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