Contractual work has led to the unemployment status of 150 long-time janitors at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) 1. 

The janitors have been working for over 10 years under the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) as job order personnel or JOP.

They were given their termination papers on Friday. 

Around 300 JOP in NAIA 1 have expressed their hopefulness regarding their employment when President Duterte came to office, as it was promised that contractual work will be ended.

150 janitors at NAIA 1 laid off because of ‘Endo’
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The 150 janitors were initially told that they would be put under the care of Philippine Airport Ground Support Solutions Inc. (PAGSS), as stated in a memorandum of agreement between airline companies and the transportation department. 

“PAGSS requested all JOP files for review and asked 166 of us to report for interview,” said one JOP who wished to remain anonymous. During the interview, he said that the PAGSS interviewer would always emphasize the age limit.

“They asked us to introduce ourselves, where we were assigned and how long we’d been working at the terminal. There was always the emphasis on age,” he said. “What can we do? Most of us grew old here.” | ASCS

Source: INQ

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