A crusade on Facebook asking to rename the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) back to Manila International Airport (MIA) is gradually making strides among online savvies. 

It is not clear who began the crusade but rather Facebook users have been sharing publications as of late; requesting that NAIA be renamed back to MIA. 

One of the generally circled posts read: 

Do you like this thought? from NAIA back to MIA (the first name of the airplane terminal that spoke to our nation) – MANILA INT'L. Airplane terminal 

Back to unique MIA – the popular Manila Intl Airport (world class and no1 in ASIA) 

Hold as NAIA – Ninoy Aquino International Airport (most exceedingly terrible airplane terminal on the planet) 

Another imperative thing, our air terminal needs enhancements and change the management..etc. Our air terminal (MIA) was one of the best air terminals from 1970s until 1987… We can make it one of the bests once more. 

Initially named Manila International Air Terminal, the nation's primary global entryway was moved to its present area in 1948 after the Philippine freedom. 

The first structures including the present area of Terminal 2, runways, taxiways and the control tower were implicit the 1950s. A terminal working for global travelers was introduced in 1961, yet a 1972 fire brought on extreme harm to the first terminal building; provoking the legislature to manufacture a marginally littler working in its place that would later turn into the universal terminal. 

Another blurb that Facebook clients are sharing 

In 1981, the Terminal 1 was fabricated and was named Manila International Airport (MIA) 

Nagged by blockage, absence of offices, poor administration and debasement among air terminal staff in later years, NAIA has been reliably labeled as one of the most exceedingly bad airplane terminals on the planet by a few travel sites. 

In 2015, NAIA at long last surrendered its title in The Guide To Sleeping in Airports' rundown to a Nigerian airplane terminal, yet remains the eighth most noticeably awful in Asia. 

Netizens said NAIA ought to shake off its "curse" as one of the most exceedingly awful air terminals by returning it to its old name.

Source: KickerDaily

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