On June 30, Rodrigo Duterte will take his vow as the sixteenth President of the Philippines. 
Contrasted with his five terms as Davao City chairman, Duterte will serve one and only six-year term as president. Notwithstanding, he will practice significantly more far reaching forces and obligations and get more prominent advantages. 
His presidential forces are sketched out in the 1987 Constitution and the 1987 Administrative Code. 
As head of government, Duterte will control the whole official branch. He has the "order of control" over various official divisions and departments. He can name authorities, or rebuild or reconfigure their workplaces. 
He picks the individuals from his Cabinet, however his arrangements are liable to affirmation by Congress' Commission on Appointments. 

As president, Duterte will head the 125,000-in number Armed Forces of the Philippines 
Despite the fact that he bolsters capital punishment, Duterte can exonerate convicts or drive sentences by excellence of official mercy. 
He will acquire a beginning month compensation of ₱160,924 under evaluation 33 of the administration's pay plan. The Department of Budget and Management says there is no other government position of equal rank. 
Duterte will be given autos, a yacht, helicopters, and planes. The administration records a Fokker F-28 plane, four Bell 412 helicopters, and one S-70A Blackhawk helicopter for his utilization. The Air Force's 250th Presidential Airlift Wing is accountable for the President's air transportation. 
The president has a living arrangement in Baguio called the Mansion House. It was implicit 1908 and has been utilized by past presidents as a mid year retreat. 
Duterte and his close family are given assurance by the Presidential Security Group. The tip top security unit will be driven by Col. Rolando Bautista, who is in a matter of seconds the leader of Task Group Basilan pursuing the Abu Sayyaf Group.
Source: CNN Phil

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As commander-in-chief, Duterte will head the 125,000-strong Armed Forces of the Philippines As commander-in-chief, Duterte will head the 125,000-strong Armed Forces of the Philippines Reviewed by Kristian S. on 24 June Rating: 5

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