Duterte: No taxes for those who earn P25,000 and below
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Rodrigo Duterte will make the ordinary working Juan de la Cruz extremely upbeat. 

President-elect Rody Duterte said the individuals who earned just P25,000 and below a month would be exempted from paying taxes, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported. 

"They can scarcely make a decent living, and they need to pay imposes still?" he inquired. 

Duterte has been a vocal supporter for exempting the lowest pay permitted by law workers from tax collection, saying it does only weight the normal Filipino. 

He has likewise pushed charge exclusions and climbing the wages of instructors, policemen and fighters to empower them to render benefit all the more productively without worrying about their money related circumstance and falling back on criminal exercises to bolster themselves. 

The center of his service will be on People, not Buildings 

Showing his kin situated position further, Duterte said his administration would put its prioritize people and not infrastructures. 

"I attempt to close my eyes, I ponder internally, my city dislike this, not this terrible," he said, alluding to the steady issues tormenting Metro Manila's railroad framework which local people need to endure all the time. 

Duterte is massively famous with the general population because of his intense position on wrongdoing and straightforward style of administration which transformed Davao City into one of the most secure urban communities on the planet. 

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