Duterte to continue programs and projects of Ferdinand Marcos

Marcos' accomplishments are beyond any sensible amount to determine, and have consequent to twist up the benchmark by which the presentations of his successors are based upon. 

In the midst of his third SONA in 1968, Marcos ensured that the country got the opportunity to be free in rice and corn, thusly disentangling the steady support lack. 

Snappy forward to 1980 and the Marcos association came to yet another defining moment: The country's gross national thing (GNP) altogether moved from 39.5 billion pesos in 1965 to an exceptional 86.7 billion pesos in 1979, which implies 6.6% advancement rate a year.

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Now, with Duterte's term, some of Marcos' projects and programs will be restored and continued.

The feeding program like nutriban and milk ration were stopped when Marcos was dethroned from Malacanang. The program constantly served as the base business sector of the nearby dairy ranchers, particularly the individuals who had quite recently begun in the matter of dairying. It addresses the issues of neediness by saving youngsters from lack of healthy sustenance while giving an enduring stream of salary to nearby dairy ranchers and their cooperatives.

This program will now be resumed under Duterte administration with the help of approaching Agriculture (DA) Secretary Emmanuel "Manny" F. Piñol. He has pledged to make the milk feeding in government public schools a national project. 

The arrangement means to address the issue of dairy agriculturists in promoting and conveyance of milk and in the meantime, mitigate lack of healthy sustenance among school kids. 

As a major aspect of his "Biyaheng Bukid", Piñol has gone to the Philippine Carabao Center (PCC) National Headquarters and Gene Pool alongside the other DA appended organizations here to see with his own eyes the results and the important issues about their separate project. 

The approaching horticulture secretary was visited by PCC top staff at the Milka Krem where carabao's milk items, for example, mozzarella, bocconcini, kesong puti, pastillas, yogurt, crisp milk and diverse enhanced milk beverages were served.

Furthermore, several big projects of late president Ferdinand E. Marcos are expected to be pursued under Duterte administration. To name one, addition of lines of MRT and LRT with the help of Marcos' son, Bongbong.

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Metro Rail Transit (MRT) will be expected to stretch out to eight lines. The MRT line from North Avenue in Quezon City to Taft Avenue in Pasay City was finished in 2000 during the term of President Joseph Ejercito Estrada, now chairman of Manila. 

LRT line 2 from Recto Avenue in Manila to Santolan in Pasig City was finished in 2004 amid the term of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, now illustrative of Pampanga area. 

"LRT and MRT anre ought to be eight lines at this point. They even neglected to purchase new mentors. They are confronting significant issues, including inability to concoct new contracts," said BBM.

The incoming administration will also focus on the improvement of the airport in Isabela province and the construction of Magat Dam 2.

Source/s: Tankler, NDA, Manila Times

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