Pres. Duterte: 'No more media interviews until the end of my term'
President-elect Rodrigo Duterte during the weekend said that he would no more grant meetings to the media as far as anyone knows until the end of his term. 

Duterte made the comment in a brief trade with TV5 correspondent France Noguera on Sunday night. 

"Hindi na ako talaga. Sorry ha. Talagang ano ako, boycott," he said in a video uploaded on Noguera's Twitter and Facebook accounts. 

Asked to what extent he would blacklist the media, Duterte said: "Until the end of my term." 

"Basta wala. Ayoko na," he included. 

Duterte said that by constraining his associations with the media, he will would be less powerless against oversights. 

“May interview, maraming mali. Marami na namang criticism, so no interview, no criticism, no wrong statement, no nothing. Shut up. Ayoko na talaga,” he said in the video. 

Duterte's head official aide Christopher "Bong" Go on Friday said that the President-choose would no more hold press briefings and would course proclamations and declarations through state-claimed People's Television Network (PTV-4). 

"Sa ngayon, wala ng squeeze con para walang mali," Go said. 

The announcement came after Duterte challenged journalists to quit covering him taking after a call from Reporters Without Borders over his announcement on media killings. 

In a question and answer session disclosing his Cabinet on May 31, Duterte said that a significant number of the killed writers were degenerate. 

Neighborhood and global press bunches discredited his announcements, saying Duterte may have empowered the murdering of media experts. 

In the same public interview, Duterte heckled GMA News correspondent Mariz Umali. 

Duterte guarded his activity and summoned the protected flexibility of expression as his barrier when squeezed for a clarification. 

He said that his shrieking was not a "sexual thing." 

This was not the first occasion when that Duterte drew fire for his jokes and comments. In November 2015, he reviled at Pope Francis for bringing on activity in Metro Manila amid his ecclesiastical visit in January 2015. Duterte later apologized. 

Towards the end of the battle time frame, Duterte made a joke about the assault and demise of an Australian teacher in 1989. Duterte declined to apologize saying that he was just belittling the masculinity of the crooks.

Source: GMA News

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