Duterte admin to put 1000 SAF troopers to guard Bilibid Prison
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The New Bilibid Prison (NBP) in Muntinlupa City may soon get itself monitored by 1000 Special Action Force (SAF) troopers as a feature of approaching President Duterte's war on illegal drugs and culpability. 

Approaching justice secretary Vitaliano Aguirre uncovered on Saturday, May 11, that he has officially organized with approaching Philippine National Police (PNP) boss Ronald Dela Rosa in handling SAF troopers in the NBP. 

He said that the picture of the NBP correctional facility gatekeepers are corrupted by the found abnormalities inside the jail including firearm running and medication hawking, henceforth the requirement for them to experience re-preparing. 

"All the correctional facility watches, representatives (picture) are corrupted, so if there is no confirmation to record criminal bodies of evidence against them, there ought to at any rate be a re-instruction, re-preparing," the approaching justice secretary said. 

In their nonattendance, the correctional facility gatekeepers will be supplanted by individuals from the SAF bunch, which is viewed as a tip top gathering of the PNP. 

Aguirre trusts the SAF is qualified to carry out the occupation, as prove by their past association in government endeavors to stop the unlawful exercises inside the national prison. Notwithstanding, the approaching equity secretary likewise recognizes the likelihood that some SAF faculty might be paid off while playing out their errand in the NBP by prisoners, particularly those included in prominent cases. 

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As a pre-emptive reaction, Aguirre said he is wanting to pivot the SAF troopers and might work with the Armed Forces of the Philippines just to ensure that tremendously required changes in the national prison will happen. 

Beforehand, approaching President Rodrigo Duterte cautioned that he will murder policemen who are included in the medication exchange. 

"Pag nandiyan ka dad sa droga, ipapapatay kita. Try not to take this as a joke. Hindi ako nagpapatawa. Putangina, papatayin talaga kita," Duterte said in a discourse amid his thanksgiving party in Davao City on June 4. 

"In the event that you annihilate my country, I will kill you. In the event that you annihilate the young of this nation, I will slaughter you," he said relating to individuals required in the medication exchange. 

The approaching president has ordered the general population in his war on drugs and offered tremendous aggregates of cash as prizes for the catch or passing of medication rulers. He said that he will give 5 million pesos as a prize for any individual who will have the capacity to catch a medication master dead, and 3 million pesos for a dead illicit medication vendor. If the medication ruler or vendor is caught alive, the sum would be shy of a few a large number of pesos. 

Duterte requested that the regular folks capture drug traffickers and shoot them on the off chance that they oppose capture and battles.

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Source: KAMI

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