CHR Chariman: No violation of ‘separation of Church and State’
In text messages to the media, CHR chairman and human rights legal advisor clarified that "partition of Church and State does not emerge at all in this case. This is a matter including the correct activity of forces by the Justice office, including an examination of a case that may include infringement of law that exempts nobody." 

Gascon clarified the tenet of division just guarantees that "the State does not support a specific religion" and that "each individual can accept and hone confidence." 

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"On matters of criminal law, the equity framework must be permitted to take its proper way regardless of who might be the culprits included, something else, individuals will at last be taking the law or elucidation thereof upon themselves, which would undermine it," Gascon said. 

To guarantee human rights, the "guideline of law" must be secured, Gascon said. "No individual or establishment under our protected framework can put themselves above or past the span of law," he included.

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Source: Inquirer

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