As opposed to the picture his tough talking dad frequently extends in broad daylight, Sebastian Duterte says President-elect Rodrigo Duterte truly has a delicate heart with regards to poor people and the abused. 

Duterte's youngest son denied that his dad will build up an autocracy as put out by his critics and said they don't have a clue about the genuine man behind the persona as he does. 

"They say he is a dictator. They say that if he wins the presidency, he will declare martial law. They say that he is a murderer. If that is true then I must have been raised by a different person because the Rodrigo Duterte that I know told me to go out and share my blessings," the Philippine Daily Inquirer cited him as saying. 

As indicated by the younger Duterte, his dad will provide Filipinos a superior future and to rouse them to help each other — particularly poor people.

"My father is not running just because he wants to be the president of the Philippines. He is running because he wants to send us Filipinos a message, that there could be a better tomorrow for all of us,” he said. “He is telling us that we should reach out for one another. He is telling us that we have to reach out to expand humanity, especially for the poor, the marginalized and the incapacitated," he said. 

As a case, he related the times his dad instructed him to impart his toys to the poor kids in their neighborhood when he was youthful. 

"He instructed me to treat everybody with equivalent admiration. From the time I was conceived until I was 10 years of age, we lived in a zone in Davao City that was encompassed by destitution. While we were there, my dad instructed me to go out and share my toys to other children," he brought up.

Source: Kicker Daily, Inquirer

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Baste Duterte: My father won’t be a dictator, he will treat our country as his own child Baste Duterte: My father won’t be a dictator, he will treat our country as his own child Reviewed by Kristian S. on 26 June Rating: 5

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