Trillanes to Duterte: Titindig ako laban sa kaniya
Photo courtesy by ABS-CBN News
Sen. Antonio Trillanes told Radyo Inquirer that exposing Duterte's alleged hidden wealth is in fact treacherous for him since the Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is capable of easily having him killed if elected as President.

Trillanes said, "Alanganin ito para sa akin, pag naging presidente yan, he can easily have killed me."

He also said how easy it would be for him should he choose to remain silent, but he chose to do the other way around for he believes that as a senator elected by the people, a mandate was given to him and it is his duty to reveal the truth to the public. “Napakadali sanang tumahimik na lang ako at sumipsip ako sa kaniya . Pero, kaya ako inilagay sa senado ng publiko dahil naniniwala silang kaya kong tumindig at titindig ako laban sa kaniya (Duterte)," he added.

Trillanes committed that he would not draw back from the mayor.

Trillanes said it is very easy for the mayor to deny what Trillanes is doing just as long as he agrees to have his accounts opened with all transaction history.

His pleas to supporters of Duterte to take a deep realization of Duterte's attitude and personality. “Sa mga supporters ni Mayor Duterte, pagmasdan niyo ang kaniyang pag-uugali, pag-aralan niyo pananalita. Kapag nanalo ito, anim na taon tayong magsu-suffer, "he said. (Source: Inquirer)

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