Shocking prediction of a psychic for Bongbong Marcos comes true
Marcos and Robredo battle neck to neck and keep on putting a decent battle when they staggered general society with their just about tied vote numbers. The two, nearly doing combating between a dainty contrast of 200k+.

With 95.65%% regions reporting dated May 11, 2016, Robredo has 35.14% (13,968,311) of aggregate votes while Marcos has 34.55% (13,736,911). 

Shocking prediction of a psychic for Bongbong Marcos comes true
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Sen. Bongbong Marcos, upheld emphatically by the North - where Ilocos Region has a place, then again, appeared to be tried by confidence subsequent to being on the cloud 9 for couple of hours just to be supplanted in only a squint of an eye by his nearest equal - Leni. 

Looking through the outcomes, it appears that Marcos is being chased by the potentially disastrous secret, the Marcos legacy - making him cry foul after professedly being conned by the present organization under their family's mortal adversary - the Aquinos.

This has been predicted way back 2015 and early this year

It was predicted last year by a professional astrologist that Marcos will experience tough battle this elections but in the end, he will be victorious.

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Read the full prediction below:

The energy surrounding Bongbong Marcos these days is the courage to continue his efforts towards the Philippine Vice Presidential Elections in May 2016, and the conviction that he will eventually succeed in the coming election.

The reading's emphasis is on BBM being surrounded by dedicated supporters and wise-men (advisors) who will help him spearhead to his goal.

He just need to continue with his passion and drive; he will be on track as the election period comes closer.  I see him with a big sigh of relief after a tough battle (elections), having achieved the realization of his goal.

He will be the Vice President from 2016 - 2022

Thus, having properly declared at a more or less 'Tamang Panahon' (right time), along with a Jupiter transit in his natal sun sign of Virgo giving him tremendous luck, empowers Bongbong Marcos with a vibration that makes him the most predisposed to win the Philippine Vice Presidential post, despite the stigma of  his family. People will get the chance to see if he truly will redeem his family in the years 2016 to 2022.

Source: FearlessPrediction

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