'Duterte till the end' is the #1 trending topic on Twitter

Amid the air of obviously biased political ad against Mayor Duterte by the 3 giant TV networks (in the Philippines) where unconscious children were used to criticize his way of speaking, netizens including celebrities sound off their stances on the said commercial via social media.

The condemned ad was allegedly produced by the rebel soldier involved in Oakwood Mutiny, Antonio Trillanes, who also filed plunder against the Mayor days after he and Mayor Duterte's lawyer went face-to-face at BPI Julia Vargas branch to clear Digong's name against Trillanes' illogical accusations.

On twitter, topic 'Duterte Till the End' is the #1 trending in the Philippines. This only shows that more people are still in favor of Duterte's presidency no matter what.

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Check their reactions below:

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'DUTERTE TILL THE END' is the top trending topic on Twitter 'DUTERTE TILL THE END' is the top trending topic on Twitter Reviewed by Kristian S. on 06 May Rating: 5

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