Duterte supporters: No amount of black propaganda can change our minds
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Despite of the malicious issues being thrown to Mayor Rodrigo Duterte (the leading presidentiable based on legit surveys) left and right that seemed to be a bandwagon of his opponents, not even one of Mr. Digong's staunch supporters believed them. 

Instead, it only made all of them stronger and unified as they never cease in believing the change that their presidential candidate is about to bring which indeed, he can only bring.

Today, a large tarpaulin caught the attention of many as it would send shivers down your spine after seeing. The striking billboard, made by the Mayor's supporters, reads "No amount of black propaganda can change our minds" which is actually timely and would serve as a bitchslap to Mr. Rodrigo's good-for-nothing detractors.

Undoubtedly, Mr.Duterte's supporters' trust for him is as hard as rock that even the toughest issue can't break. As remembered, here are some of the so-called black propaganda of Duterte's rivals.

Here are some of Duterte supporters that are always there to defend Mayor Rody:
Dodong Talidro Ariate wa effect yang block propaganda solid suporters kya ito galing mindanao isa mga probensya ng Davao...#Duterte para sa pagbabago...#bisaya napod...

Allan Balmaceda Kahit anu pang gawin nila...solid#DUTERTE

Lorte OpeƱa Yuson Kahit sandamakmak na batikos kay mayor duterte cya pa rin ang presidente ko..solid to.

Arnold Ting the right voters are those who choose candidates because of their works, success and manifestation of their constituents. you do not chose candidate for lesser evil ........ let us all be mature and wise the candidates of our choice....eleksyon ngayon natural lang na mag tapunan ng baho ang isa't isa..................malay mo baka ang binabatong dumi ay bumalandra sa kanila................long before i choose DUTERTE AND CAYETANO TANDEM AND NOBODY OR AMOUNT OF BLACK PROPAGANDA CAN CHANGE MY CHOICE........IT WAS A DEEP AND LONG THOUGHTS of course this includes the attitude of each candidates......

Hadji Jaafar Gacho Miano No money can buy us..kahit buhay namin handa nming ibuhis..

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