Duterte has no right to become the president, says previous Commission on Human Rights (CHR) chairwoman and Justice secretary Leila de Lima. 

"In the event that you have no admiration for human rights, you likewise have no appreciation for the law. So in what capacity would he be able to lead our nation if that is his conviction?" senator-elect De Lima said in a presscon session, as cited by the Inquirer. 

The Liberal Party (LP) senator was alluding to presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte, who in his most recent swagger overflowing articulation pledged to actualize open executions–the kind that was done hundreds of years ago–against criminal and medication guilty parties if he win in May 2016. 

This clearly didn't sit well with De Lima. 

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"I will keep on fighting him on the grounds that [violating human rights] isn't right and a man who has no admiration for human rights has no privilege to lead the nation," De Lima announced. 

De Lima and Duterte haven't been in agreement even before "the general population executions" explanation; the LP senator exposed that she once subpoenaed the Duterte for open hearings when she was still CHR seat. 

They've additionally beforehand occupied with a one good turn deserves another in regards to Duterte's asserted associations with additional legal killings in Davao. 

Both are alumni of the San Beda College of Law.

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