Duterte fires back Trillanes: You are a soldier of misfortune
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On Saturday, April 30, 2016, Duterte said he will record charges against vice presidential hopeful Sen. Antonio Trillanes for making his bank account public. 

Trillanes has blamed Duterte for having around P211 million in his shared service with her daughter Sara Duterte in the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Julia Vargas branch in Pasig City. 

Duterte clarified he was at that point separated to his wife when he opened the account. That is the reason he intentionally incorporated Sara Inday in the ledger so some individual could pull back the cash on the off chance that something transpires. 

Duterte said, "Kung anuman ang mangyari sa akin, gago ka Trillanes, merong taong makapag-withdraw at least may makapagbayad man lang sa kabaong o ng cremation."

Furthermore, Duterte included that he will likewise file a perjury case against Trillanes. For that to happen, the mayor said he needs Trillanes to execute a testimony on his allegations first. 

Amid a campaign rally at Bonifacio Global City Saturday night, Duterte reviled and ridiculed Trillanes, before around 12,000 of the mayor's supporters. 

"Kita mo maglakad 'yan? Ganito: parang may mansanas sa kilikili. Tang***ng yabang." 

The chairman scrutinized Trillanes' validity and blamed the senator for taking up arms against his kin. 

"You are not a soldier of fortune, you are a soldier of misfortune. Pakagago mo. Nagrebelde ka, sinayang mo ang pera ng gobyerno, you waged war against your people. Sinira mo pa ang Peninsula [Manila] hanggang hindi mo binayaran." (Source: CNN Philippines)

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