Duterte calls Trillanes as 'paid, dakilang askal'
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Davao City Mayor and presidential hopeful Rodrigo Duterte said the Joseph de Mesa, whom Senator Antonio Trillanes recognized as the wellspring of the "BPI documents" on his financial balance at the Julia Vargas branch of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), was a result of the fiction in the senator's psyche. 

Duterte told columnists on Tuesday, "Joseph de Mesa is imaginary — a development of Trillanes and the individuals who are behind the grimy strategies against me."

He said he didn't know anyone by the name of Joseph de Mesa, whom Trillanes had depicted to be a displeased Duterte supporter. 

Trillanes said De Mesa gave him the reports containing data that the BPI Julia Vargas account contained P211 million. 

Duterte denied the charges and said his record just contained in regards to P17,000 before April 28. 

He said it got to be P27,000 in light of stores made by his spoilers and other individuals. 

"They stored money in it to find out in the event that it was active," Duterte said. 

He said he would no more answer to any media questions identifying with the allegations flung by Trillanes, whom he named as a "paid askal". 

"Starting now, I won't reply. He (Trillanes) is a plain askal. I won't, starting now, answer. Dakilang askal yan (he is only a road pooch)," he said. 

Duterte called Trillanes a liar, and included that his cases ought not be taken by the general population and the media genuinely. 

Amid his denunciations baffled discourse at his terrific rally here on Monday evening, Duterte additionally portrayed Trillanes as an ungrateful person for doing the Filipino individuals, who paid for his training at the Philippine Military Academy, an awesome insult. 

"He was taught at the PMA yet he organized a rebellion. He is discourteous. He was absolved and liberated and made into a road puppy," he said in Filipino. 

Duterte said Trillanes was "unleashed" by individuals who needed to put him down. 

"In the event that I have billions of cash, and I'm a 71-year-old person running for president, on the off chance that I had that cash, I would have purchased a plane and helicopters. Why might I approach request your assistance (in financing effort)?"

Source: INQ

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