Digong supporters cries foul over Anti-Duterte political ad

THE RACE to Malacañang this early is transforming into a clash of negative political commercials. 

Mayor Rody Duterte supporters Friday cried foul over the spread of "Anti-Duterte" advertisements that were obviously gone for resuscitating the past dated negative issues being heaved against the leading figure of the PDP Laban.

Many were saddened after watching the advertisement as children were used for this dirty tactic. Concerned citizen are asking COMELEC and MTRCB to take down the commercial as such is really unfair and unjust.

TV host and journalist Karen Davila also expressed her disappointment about the TV ad on her tweet with caption 'To use children'.

Here are some of the comments of the netizens who were able to watch the commercial:

Julie Ann Mencidor To All #Duterte Supporters:

I am appealing to all of you, STOP sharing the ABS-CBN TV Ad discrediting our future President. Let us counter this instead with positive videos from his campaigns (via CinEmotion Digital Films), photos, posts and inspiring/heartwarming stories. If you already shared the video to your wall, please take it down. Remember, GOOD will always TRIUMPH over EVIL. Let us keep our faith and hold our ground. God has better plans.

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Noble Ann This is child abuse! Why use those kids and expose them to politics?! They dont even know what's happening in this country. This is absolutely brainwashing! Like what aquino did to the people,brainwashed them to think that MARCOS killed aquino! Duterte and marcos should do something about this! People power n! 👊

Ephifany Manzano Nambatac Tinuruan nl mga bata ng pgsisinungaling

Cran Berry Juzz please spread 👊👊👊
Broadcasting Code Article 8 Section 2 (From R.A 9006 or Fair Election Act)
Political Propaganda
"No program or sponsor shall be allowed to manifestly favor or oppose any candidate or political party..."

Bella M. Rose Naka alarma po ginagamit ang mga musmos sa walang katuturan at para sa kademonyuhan pansariling interest lang mga kababayan aba naman buksan ang tainga imulat ang mga mata hahayaan ba natin iyo mangyayari sa ating inang bayan saan po ang hustisya tama na subra na umaapaw na mga punyeta naka high blood po at Abs Cbn may hiya pa ba kayong natira kahit mala bigas lang?may reputasyon pa ba kahit katiting?

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