Supporter explains in details the 'CHECKMATE' strategy of Duterte

A Facebook post of pro-Duterte regarding the so-called political tactic of Mayor made rounds online. The said post was shared over six thousand times and gained more than 6k reactions as of press time. 

The article states that Mayor Rody Duterte is being referred to as someone who is good at planning strategies. Read the full post below.

The Duterte Strategy

Now it can be told. Many still don’t get it. Duterte is a masterful tactician and strategist – all others pale in comparison.

Opening Strategy
Remember the non-filing of his candidacy after the deadline and later substitution, where everybody was in suspense until he delivered the coup de grace? If Ruy Lopez has a classic chess opening strategy, Duterte does not only have an opening but also middlegame and endgame strategies – the Duterte Strategy.

Middlegame Strategy: 
No money, no machinery? Think again. He uses his weakness as his strength. He is not known outside Mindanao and he needs billions for media exposure. Result? He got it for free.

He pokes fun and sometimes ridicules, double-talks, uses contradictions, sarcasm, as well as hyperbole, pun and other figures of speech. Cursing is one of his weaknesses but why do people get more excited every time he curses? He uses feints and subterfuges and lures and traps the enemy. Trillanes was a victim - largely due to his own viciousness, hubris and stupidity. Roxas, in a desperate move, joined in the fray. Both of them - CHECKMATE!

Secret bank accounts? Oh, come on! They are not secret – they are in listed in Duterte's own name, which anybody can check, as what Trillanes had done, naturally. Hidden wealth? Oh my! With his daughter as a joint depositor in the account, which makes her an automatic candidate herself for criminal prosecution? They are both lawyers and they are not that stupid. If Duterte had those wealth, he should have stashed them elsewhere under a fictitious name or have spent them already since he is already old with only a few years left. Besides, he needs a pair of quality shoes.

Ask the people in Davao why they are very passionate in defending him. I myself will not be very stupid enough to defend him if the allegations of his opponents are true. If he has no track record to back him up, I would have been a goner a long time ago. Again, refer to Exhibit Number 1 – DAVAO CITY. Example: He donated his own house in Davao City as a hospital for children cancer patients.

Endgame Strategy:
The casting of votes will be in 7 days. HE IS WAY UP IN THE TILLS, with his opponents desperately clinging together and using the might of their combined forces and resources to bring him down. NO WAY will they succeed!

Their only hope? CHEATING, of course! Will Duterte be worried? Hell, NO! In fact, Cheating will lead to a revolution (without bloodshed, I pray). A revolutionary government ( unlike that of Cory Aquino) will fast track the Change required of this country.

Remember: Duterte had no Money and Machinery. The millions of his supporters, even very poor ones, spent their own money and used all their available means to campaign for Duterte. They waited long hours under the searing heat of the sun, without food and water, even until past midnight just to hear him speak. These supporters who all invested so much cannot accept to be cheated and will treat cheaters unkindly with all they got.

The people are his machinery. If you missed going to any of his campaign sorties, you will not understand. His supporters do not only have fires in their bellies – they have blazes burning in their hearts.

On election day, Duterte will be in a faraway beach, topless with a leg up on a table, sipping coffee and reading a magazine while waiting for the events he planned to unfold. He will not do and say anything as things unfold. The people will bring him there.


Author: Romeo Poquiz

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