Anti-Duterte, Anti-Marcos protesters draw flak from netizens

Against Duterte and Anti-Marcos protesters block traffic at Timog Ave, corner Sct. Tobias convergence. The ladies' rights nonconformists scored what they see as presidential hopeful Mayor Rodrigo Duterte's proclamations about women.

Watch the video below:

Supporters of Mayor Rody Duterte and Sen. Bongbong Marcos defend their bets and fire back those protesters who are against the tandem. Here are some of their comments:

Dondon Castro we understand you. kumikita kayo dyan and it's ok. you can stop the traffic but you cannot stop duterte. #du30

Connie Martinez i'm a woman and mother and grandnanny to 2 girls.... And iam definitely for Digong Duterte.... am using my mind and my heart...

JemaLyn Gayyed kALOKA! eh anong kinalaman ni Marcos jan sa Rape issue na yan? NAKAKALOKA!.. dami niyong pakulo squint emoticon Yung lalaki na minura-mura at sinuntok yung babae sa van di magawang bigyan pansin ng GABRIELA!... umayos-ayos kayoo!! HAHAHA

Ran An Nai Who cares anymore?! Kahit ilang bahay at lupa pa yan, true or not, these mud slings against Duterte won't sway supporters because he's the only candidate who've shown effectivity, sincerity and whole-heartedness amongst all candidates. He is the only light this dark country needs. Thank you ABS-CBN for the free ads.

Prince Christian M Gascon kiki emoticon
You are against Duterte because you fear Martial Law.
But look at what this administration is showing us.
Look at how they control the mainstream media.
Look at how they throw black propaganda against Duterte while they condition the minds of the non-thinking voters that their bets are leading the survey.
Look at how they unfairly scrutinize Duterte while they paint their devilish bets with angelic image.
Look at how they manipulate the system!
They suppress the truth and they spread lies.
That is Martial Law, the "desente" way!
Since you take their side, then you are supporting something that you abhor!
Think people! Think! 

For me, it's not an issue if Duterte loses as long as the opponents play fair and square.
Salamat sa Pagtakbo President Rody Duterte!!! smile emoticon
Ikaw ang magpapanalo sa Pamilyang Pilipino!
Ikaw ang TAMA!

Stefan Dorman why cover their face , cowards or embarrassed ?

Jose Augustus Did they respect the rights of the people traversing those intersections? Weird people expressing their sentiments contradicting their own claims of human rights, were they raped?

Jason Ople Some of this protester are being paid for someone Who knows who !!! They just making a propaganda so that people will believe them and not to vote mayor duterte.Pathetic to all filipinos like this..

Dan Marillo Please stop using major roads when protesting! How about the rights of the commuters? Motorists? Tsss.

Ruewell Marcos Paid protestors for Desperate Mar Roxas, Poe and Nognog Binay. Duterte and Marcos all the way to the presidency and Vice President.

Bennett Cortes We all hate corruption right? In my opinion a good justice system will enforce, less corruption, bring us to unity, will bring a good public services to the people, will lead more foreign investors, and we can build a better future for the next generation, i think duterte is more qualify bringing us a good governance, and i would pick for him for president!!!!

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