A plea of a Duterte loyalist to every supporter of Mayor Duterte

Let us not be complacent, let us ensure to make our votes count!

A certain pro-Duterte who wishes for his identity anonymity sent us a letter that is vital for every Digong fan to know. Read below:

To my fellow Duterte supporters, 

Please. Do not let any Black Propaganda change your mind and have you make a decision you'll forever regret.

Throwing issues that are intended to vastly harm the reputation of the well-respected Davao City Mayor has been like a crusade over the whole time of the campaign period. Well, perhaps that's really how his opponents roll. They ruin others to make themselves appear SAINTLIKE. Or as per Mr. Duterte, "You paint your opponent black for you to appear white." 

Common sense is a gift. I hope we all possess it. 

With the surveys reflecting majority of the voters' desired future president, didn't we think his detractors would do anything just to bring him down? It's simple. Malevolent issues surfacing few days before the election were merely crafted by his desperate opponents - an obvious manifestation of them exhausting all the possible means to supress the Mayor's rise to power by confusing the people with hopes to obtain the votes that Duterte is about to gain. Reason why they are resorting to tactics like this which only give them a bad name or "make them worse" I should say. Undeniably, it's pretty glaring how hungry for power Mayor Rody's rivals really are for having been able to consider doing all these. None deserved to be pitied to the bones by now other than them!

Let us vote for President Duterte.

On May 9, let us go out and make sure our vote counts. Let us not be complacent of the survey results for it does not guarantee our beloved Duterte's victory.

Yes, surveys give us a glimpse of who the Filipinos would most likely put on the highest post (in the country) is. Yes, surveys may overwhelm us with the figures that are in favor of our presidential bet. And yes, INC already confirmed they're backing our Mayor. But then again, we cannot simply rely on them, no matter how profound their impacts are, as they are but a canvass of who, among the candidates, has the most number of supporters.

What's necessary for us to exude is to ensure every single Duterte vote count. And most specially,  secure them. Yes, secure them. Secure them in the best and any way we could. Be vigilant. Be keen. Observe even the littlest details. Release that OC (Obsessive Compulsive) side of yours. Be at your journalist psyche! Please. *kneeling*

If not double, triple check your balot before casting them to PCOS Machine. Afterwards, do another checking on the receipt it would produce. Once done exiting from your respective precinct, I beg you, if you cannot spare your whole day there as a fly-on-the-wall, then at least please take a couple of hours to observe how the watchers function, how the teachers operate, how the police guards and how other voters behave - all by taking a video when suspicious activities took place (votebuying, giveaway of fliers containing political candidates name, etc.).

Gear up - expect the unexpected.

Vote-counting is the most crucial part of every election as this is where determining whether or not our Mayor Digong is the new Philippine president will take place. At this point, as we are tremendously aware that cheating is imminent, I ask you to pray and claim that the best is about to happen. To still hope that truth shall prevail amidst all the menace. To embrace the change that the new leader will bring. A change for the better. And when I say better, that means freedom from corruption & poverty and significant decrease in crime rate - all coming only from a Duterte administration. Otherwise, I'm afraid but Edsa revolution's 3rd occurence is waiting to happen should the most-supported Mayor loss albeit the number of his voters that are supposed to give him a landslide win. 

Godbless the Philippines!

Starving for change,


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