Yolanda survivors: Comic book won't make Roxas win our votes

The comic book retelling previous interior secretary Mar Roxas' work amid Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) is not changing hearts and psyches at ground zero of the staggering tempest that killed more than 6,000. 

Caridad Mejico, 66, who works in Leyte Park Hotel in Tacloban City, where Roxas stayed amid Yolanda said "I saw it, however I am not intrigued. He is welcoming us to vote in favor of him. He gave those comics since he needs to win, however why just give it now." 

Roxas has been hit for his claimed ineptitude in the fallout of the calamity. National government has been reprimanded for the asserted moderate pace of its calamity administration endeavors amid the emergency – from reaction to recovery. 

The comic book Sa Gitna ng Unos (amidst calamity), which was delivered by Roxas' partners, portrays the presidential bets' life – from his entrance into governmental issues up until he got President Benigno Aquino III's underwriting. 

Yet, Mejico said Roxas can't win her vote through a comic book. 

Mejico likewise reminded candidates that they ought not just visit Tacloban on the grounds that they are battling. 

Yolanda survivors: Comic book won't make Roxas win our votes
(Left) Caridad Mejico, 66, works in Leyte Park Hotel in Tacloban City. (Right) Lorna Rocabo, sales manager of Leyte Park Hotel - photo by Rappler
"They ought to visit to keep an eye on us particularly that Yolanda survivors experienced a great deal and not everybody has been given need," she said in Waray dialect. 

In the comic book, the casing where Roxas guided individuals in Leyte Park Hotel to the cellar particularly drew fire from netizens and Roxas' pundits. Why might he lead them to the storm cellar, they inquired? 

Be that as it may, Lorna Rocabo, sales supervisor of Leyte Park Hotel, said the inn has a "basement" on the second floor that the storm surge has not came to. 

Rocabo, be that as it may, reviewed the time when Roxas stayed at the lodging amid the emergency. 

"I saw Roxas before Yolanda. Pero sabi ng isang staff namin, nakita niya si Mar Roxas na pumulot ng walis at nagpa-picture. Pagkatapos ng documentation, check out at na siya. At that point he went to the market." (But an individual from our staff saw Mar Roxas grabbing a sweeper for a photograph opportunity, then he looked at.) 

This record has not been incorporated into the comic book, which makers asserted depends on the genuine story of Roxas and his brave deeds in Tacloban. 

For Rocabo, but, the utilization of comic books to battle is satisfactory. 

"Diskarte niya naman 'yan, eh," she included (It is his tactic). 

Yet, regardless she trusts that likewise imperative is that hopefuls convey on their guarantees. 

"Kung anong sinabi nila, pangako nila sa mga Taclobanon, tuparin nila." 

(They need to satisfy their guarantees to Taclobanons.) 

Roxas has disregarded feedback flung at him over the disputable comic book: 

"The individuals who were delighted, bless your heart. The individuals who responded contrarily, it's imaginable they are in favor of my opponents. Perhaps they understand that it's viable, so they respond adversely. That is the way it works."

Source: Rappler

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