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Should President Benigno Aquino III begin counting his days if "The Punisher" Davao City Rodrigo Duterte turns into the next Chief Executive? 

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Not so much. 

As indicated by the cuss-throwing mayor, he would leave it to the correct organization to figure out if or not Aquino or any of his Cabinet secretaries ought to be rebuffed for their past deeds. 

"Let the law takes its own particular course, there are laws that ought to be taken after. In the event that there is infringement, given the best possible body, a chance to say the Ombudsman, follow up on it," Duterte told columnists in Davao City. 

A stickler for standards, Duterte is known for his hardline position against guiltiness. The 70-year-old politiko has earned handles lilke The Punisher and "Berdugo (Executioner)" in the past due to this notoriety. 

An enormous piece of Duterte's draw as a presidential hopeful is the conviction that he would force an iron clench hand against a wide range of guilty parties on the off chance that he wins in 2016. 

Some say that the Aquino organization blundered big time when it regulated the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), an investment funds appropriating instrument that purportedly transformed the seized cash into the President's own 'pork barrel'. (Source: Politics)

In just three months, PNoy will be stepping down from the Presidency - President Noynoy Aquino conveyed a discourse at one of the Liberal Party (LP) announcement ralies in Manila. 

The President commented, "I have less than three months in office and I cannot help but feel sometimes sad to bid farewell."

He included, "indeed, I never attempted to gain brownie focuses amid my term. I never pursued photograph opportunities left and right just to show I am working. I am content at whatever point you say I am benefiting a vocation." 

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