Church pastor predicts Duterte will win by landslide

What this pastor's prediction about Duterte's fate in May elections will shock you
L - Mayor Duterte / R - Quiboloy (Photo by RDFP)
The founder of Kingdom of Jesus Christ Apollo Quiboloy, amid his 66th birthday celebration on Monday, April 25, anticipated an avalanche triumph for Davao City Mayor and presidential applicant Rodrigo Duterte. 

Quiboloy said that Duterte is the Apollo that this nation needs – to end the corruption, to slay drug dependence, and to eradicate poverty. He also added that good doesn't vanquish insidious. The more prominent malice routs malicious.

The minister depicted Duterte as a "sheep in wolf's clothing", adding: "You cannot fight the devil if you are a saint. You can only fight the devil if you are more of a devil than the devil himself."

New off the last leg of the Comelec-endorsed presidential level headed discussion, Duterte spent time with Quiboloy and the group at the Jose Maria College to talk about past debates like his part in extrajudicial killings and his late assault comments. 

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Long time companions 

Quiboloy – who presents himself as the "Annointed Son of God" – and Duterte were at that point companions much sooner than Duterte turned into the leader of the city. The congregation pioneer was one of the general population who pushed the mayor to look for the administration in the wake of having a fantasy of Duterte in MalacaƱang Palace. 

He is effectively campaigning for the mayor while additionally giving free transportation. 

Amid the birthday-festivity turned-campaign foray, Duterte told the group, "'Pag manalo ako, except yung Greater Metro Manila, we need to proceed with this thing, yung programa ni [President Benigno] Aquino na maganda at nakapabuti sa tao, we will proceed!" 

"I will get Roxas and the others applicants' pleasant projects. I will duplicate them," Duterte kept, creating giggling from the crowd. 

Amid the 2010 presidential races, Quiboloy blessed organization bet Gilberto Teodoro, who completed fourth in the race.

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Source: Rappler

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