Most of us are going out for summer outings with our friends and family this summer. It’s a common notion that big expenses come with out-of-town trips since you want to make the best out of your trip.

You can avoid this by planning your trip in advance and choosing destinations which do not need large spending. Here are some of the destinations:

1. Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

Laiya, Batangas
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Laiya has been known for its pristine white beaches and a lot of water activities that you can do there. Just remember that most activities at beach resorts come on a separate cost from the lodging so it’s best if you go in a group of 10 or more.  

  • Moonlight Resort Accommodation – Php1,000 (Php10,000 for unit that can accommodate 10 people)
  • Boating to Caves – Php250 (Php2,500 for a boat that can accommodate up to 10 people)

2. Tagaytay

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Going to Tagaytay is an affordable alternative than going to Baguio. This is a great destination to cool off and have nature trips with your friends or family. Taal Lake is best viewed in Tagaytay while you’re sipping hot bulalo or eating freshly picked pineapples. Bring the whole family to Tagaytay and they’ll have a great time in its cool climate and breathtaking view.


  • Picnic Grove – Php50 entrance fee, Php200 – Php300 for a zipline ride, Php150 – Php200 for horseback riding
  • Bulalo at Mahogany Market – Php350 for 2-3 people
  • Zoocobia Zoo– Php295 entrance fee

3. San Antonio, Zambales

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Aside from the beach, there are also other activities such as trekking, camping, island hopping, and fishing that you can do at San Antonio, Zambales.  Just remember to ask around for the best-priced options before getting into any activities.

  • LookLeft Commune Beach Resort Accommodation – Php500 / night
  • Boat Rental to Anawangin – Php250 (Php2,500 for boat that can accommodate up to 10 people)
  • Skimboarding – Php150 / hr rental of skimboard from the resort
4. Calatagan, Batangas

Calatagan Batangas
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Calatagan is home to the famous Cape Santiago Lighthouse and to some of the best beaches in Batangas. You can also go snorkeling to see the natural wonders at the sea.
A great way to save on your trip is to go camping instead of renting out accommodations. You can also set up a bonfire there to cook your own food.   Just be careful of fixers who put a higher price on the accommodations.  

  • Burot Beach Overnight Stay Charge: Php130 / night
  • Tent Rental: Php300 / night
  • Table Rental: Php300 / night

5. Nuvali Evoliving, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Nuvali Evoliving, Sta. Rosa Laguna
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Nuvali is a mixed-use development in the south that features residential houses, shopping destinations, great food, and water sports.

Some of the most popular activities in Nuvali is wakeboarding and other outdoor activities such as the water taxi and biking.

  • Water taxi ride – P30/head/round trip
  • Fish feed bags for sale – P15/bag
  • Bikes for rent – P60/hour

6. Morong, Bataan

Morong Bataan
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Have you heard about the Pawikan Festival? It happens in November, but if you happen to like turtles in general, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches with your turtle friends in Morong. 

There’s also the beach, but the turtles are awesome, okay. Accommodation in Morong is easy enough to find, and not all that expensive.

  • Phi-phi Beach Resort – Php1,050 (Php4,200 for room of 4)
  • Pawikan Conservation Center – Php20 entrance fee inclusive of tour, Php150 for 1 whole day inclusive of entrance fee

7. Nasugbu, Batangas

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Nasugbu is home to some of the well-known trails such as Pico de Loro and Punta Fuego. There are also many beach resorts where you can relax away from the city.

  • Jo and Johnny’s Beach and Dive Inn – Php750 / night (Php3,000 for 4 persons)
  • Pico de Loro Day Hike – Php500 / person

Like all adventures, it’s probably best if you head into them completely ready if you’ll drive going there. Make sure your car is equipped for carrying heavy load, like surfboards or wakeboards.

It’s one thing to have fun and another thing to do it within a budget. Do you know any more summer destinations for P2,000 or less?

Article contributed by Kyle Kam.
Kyle Kam is a Digital Marketing Specialist of, a financial comparison website aiming to help Filipinos save money through diligent comparisons of financial products.

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