Noli De Castro reportedly endorses Mayor Duterte

On the last portion of TV Patrol World on April 20, 2016, hosts Noli De Castro, Ted Failon and Bernadette Sembrano were seen discussing about the 'Tanim Bala' at NAIA. 

Noli De Castro then urged the presidential candidates to give comments about the issue as such is an important issue to discuss and to be resolved.

Here;s what trancscribed:

Ted Failon: Kawawa naman ang matanda

Noli de Castro: Hind ito biro... [ang tanim-bala]... Sana tig-iisang magpahayag ang mga kandidato sa pagkapangulo, sa pangunguna ni Rody Duterte. (This is not a joke. I trust each presidential competitor will discuss it, with the administration of Duterte).

Albeit no official underwriting yet has been made by Noli De Castro, Duterte supporters and the individuals who have stared at the TV Patrol and listened to Noli De Castro's words are exceptionally positive that De Castro is to be sure embracing the intense talking Mayor of Davao. 

Noli De Castro's daughter Kat De Castro has as of now offered her backing for Mayor Duterte. 

Gina Lopez, who is a former managing chief of ABS-CBN Foundation Inc. has likewise embraced Mayor Duterte.

Watch the video below and you decide if it is a sign that De Castro is for Duterte.

Source: CebuDavao

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