Mar Roxas: I'm not loyal to PNoy

President Benigno Aquino III has been bashed and censured unreasonably, however to his successor, Manuel Roxas II, the chief executive is one "decent guy" and a diligent worker. 

"I'm not loyal to PNoy (President Aquino's nickname) as a matter of political back-scratching. He is a decent guy. He's worked hard. He'd been through a lot," Roxas said.

Confronting the individuals from the Makati Business Club in a discussion, he told the business people that the President has been "unfairly criticized" ordinarily. 

"But I mean, you guys, everybody here, look at your bank accounts. Look at the value of your land. Look at the economy," he said.

"Look at the number of people who have moved out of the poverty line. Look at the infrastructure that has been built. We've come a long way. And I just wanna say, the best is yet to come," he added.

Roxas said the Mamasapano episode achieved questions the President's trust in him, which provoked him to leave. This was not acknowledged by the President. 

"I resigned. I offered my acquiescence, in any event, on two events," he said. 

"The President was shocked when I did that. At that point I said, 'Well, you know, whether you have no more trust in me'," he included. 

Roxas, who was then Secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government and accountable for the police power, said the President thought he knew about the operation of the Special Action Forces (SAF) against the terrorists. 

An aggregate of 44 SAF troopers were slaughtered in the conflict with asserted individuals from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front at Mamasapano town in Maguindanao on January 25 a year ago. 

Roxas and the PNP chief Leonardo Espina were kept oblivious about the operation. 

Roxas said that legitimate coordination between the police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines could have kept the demise of the tip top troopers. 

"Presently, as it identifies with the topic of trust, numerous individuals attempted to make an interest between the president and me, yet here's the thing - in what manner would you be able to say that he didn't trust me, when he said, 'This is the person whereupon Daang Matuwid will proceed with,'" he said.

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Source: InterAksyon

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