Kris Aquino earns flak for using presidential choppers to campaign for LP bets

President Aquino's sister, host and on-screen character Kris Aquino, is under flame from netizens after several photos circulated showing her utilizing government assets to campaign for the Liberal Party candidates.

The photographs, which were uploaded to site Facebook, demonstrated the presidential sister joined by individuals who give off an impression of being her associates. Aquino, who was wearing a yellow shirt and dark jeans, was seen close to a presidential helicopter. 

In one photo, a female partner of Aquino wearing what resembled the LP campaign shirt, was seen landing from the helicopter while an Air Force warrior looked on. 

The pictures, released by the Municipality of Dalaguete, were reuploaded on Facebook by a specific "Peshmerga Abs." The user guaranteed that the episode happened Tuesday in Dalaguete, Cebu. The uploader depicted Aquino as "thick faced" for as far as anyone knows utilizing government assets to join the forays of LP competitors.

The President made the rounds in Visayas on Wednesday. He was in San Carlos City in Negros Occidental to initiate a sun based power plant before making a beeline for Cebu to meet with nearby hopefuls and to make a pitch for LP wagers Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo. 

Kris Aquino, in the interim, has enjoyed a reprieve from showbiz and is at present campaigning for Roxas and Robredo. 

The greater part of the remarks hammered Ms. Aquino for utilizing presidential choppers for battling. They say this is inefficient utilization of citizens' cash. 

However, MalacaƱang shielded the Aquino kin's utilization of choppers. 

In an instant message, presidential representative Sonny Coloma said: "Individuals from the President's prompt family are permitted to ride with him in authority government vehicles."

Source: PhilStar, ABS-CBN News

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