Duterte wants Robredo as ‘assistant president’

Amid a meeting with media on Thursday, April 14, the presidential hopeful from Davao City conceded he appreciates the great looks of the Liberal Party's vice presidential candidate. 

Correspondents requesting that he clear up what he implied when he said in a past meeting he would make Robredo his "assistant president." 

"Kung hindi siya manalo, sabi ko, si Leni Robredo kung gusto lang niya, associate president," he said. 

The position would be like the position of appointee chairmen which he made as Davao City chairman to speak to ethnic gatherings. 

"I made the appointee leaders' office for the Tausug, Maranaw, Iranon, lahat (all)," he said. 

Inquired as to why he picked Robredo, Duterte all of a sudden got to be constrained. 

"Ayaw ko sabihin, nahihiya ako," he at first said. 

Squeezed by media, he then conceded, "Maganda siya. Maganda talaga siya. Basta maganda siya." 

In any case, he quit fooling around and tended to his next words to Robredo herself. 

"I'm sad Leni, I trust, don't be annoyed, I am simply chatting casually with these folks. Interesado sila kasi they are excessively focused with you and me. So sabi ko wala naman akong maibigay na posisyon, eh di sabi ko na lang, right hand president. Kung alright sa 'yo, OK man sa associated," he said. 

Amid the vice presidential level headed discussion, when all competitors were asked what bureau position they favor, Robredo said she needed to be placed accountable for streamlining the administration's neediness programs. 

Duterte rose as the top presidential applicant in two pre-decision overviews. Robredo, in the mean time, is tied with Senator Francis "Chiz" Escudero for second place in the vice presidential race.

Source: Rappler

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