Duterte supporters fire back Mystica: Laos at papansin

Mystica or Ruby in real life is now the talk of the town after her video made rounds online for lambasting Mayor Rody Duterte's capabilities to lead the country. (Read: Watch: Mystica slams Duterte, calls him 'Digung-gong')

Mystica, 57 years old sexy actress and a singer who is married to a 25 years old actor Kid Lopez. The marriage between Mystica and Lopez raised a lot of eyebrows, considering the fact that Mystica is 22-year older than Kid and she has a 26-year-old son from her previous relationship.

Supporters of the tough-talking mayor came to defend their bet and referred Mystica as 'walang K' and 'laos at papansin'. 

Here are some of the reactions of people who saw her video:

Nathaniel Orteza No substance and originality. Just a parrot!

Rolly Cavan ·She's one of those fading artists in their twilight years. She needs some money from any candidate willing to pay for her nonsense. She neither had the training or the ability to discuss issues with sufficient intelligence.

Yuki Costelo pathetic!

Lani Mangila Manacmul papansin,gusto sumikat !

Irwin G. Poot She's a Mental Retarded

Carlicel Aicel Sitson may napatunayan nman si mystica ah ang pamatay niang split .. haha pang famas ang acting nia

Ron Espinosa Sya naman trying hard social climber, pagpup*ta lang talent nya

Menchai Jimenez Tadena Is this the woman who sings like she's eating the entire microphone as she started to split? Ahhhhhh get a life will you!

Ledahm Eruam Alalam low class..

Mark Chandar Pabida .....

Watch the video below of a Duterte supporter in response to Mystica's stance over Duterte's ideologies.

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