Duterte: Roxas' LP are the real threats to democracy
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The camp of presidential aspirant Rodrigo Duterte pummeled the Liberal Party for depicting the leader as a "threat to democracy" who has been flourishing in the "politics of fear." 

Peter Laviña, representative of Duterte, indicated the Liberal Party and the ruling elite class which he said had done only "ensure its own particular advantages," as the real threats to democracy. 

"Like whatever is left of the presidential hopefuls who are undermined by a Duterte presidency, (LP leading figure Mar) Roxas and his followers dread they will lose the trappings of that political force they have been hanging on and sticking to for so long," said Laviña in an announcement. 

After news broke that Duterte had topped the most recent SWS study — the same overview that set Roxas second to the last — Akbayan partylist Rep. furthermore, LP representative Barry Gutierrez assaulted the leader of Davao and depicted his politics as "politics of fear." 

Yet, the announcement, Laviña said, demonstrated how shaken LP had gotten to be by the approaching annihilation of its leading figure Roxas. 

"It is not democary that is being undermined by Duterte. It is Mar Roxas and his desire to wind up president and the decision class, the same ruling class spoke to by Poe and Binay," Laviña said. "In any event, these competitors offer visually impaired subjugation to their tip top bosses — something that can't be anticipated from Duterte." 

Laviña said Duterte's wellspring of bolster originated from the common individuals – farmers, specialists, lower and upper working class and even from a segment of the tip top." 

"These are the general population that the camp of Roxas and the other presidential competitors fear — the general population they have incensed and estranged by their uncouth and tip top brand of initiative," said Laviña. 

Gutierrez, he said, required just to take a gander at his own gathering to realize what has been the genuine risk to vote based system and who has been the purveyor of the legislative issues of apprehension. 

"Take a look at what this legislature did to the ranchers of North Cotabato? The agriculturists were eager, however as opposed to giving them sustenance, what the Aquino government did was to murder them. That is your danger to vote based system and legislative issues of trepidation, Mr. Gutierrez," Laviña said. 

Furthermore, in spite of the case of Gutierrez, Duterte's image of politics has set the general population at the inside, permitting them to win over their "hopeless lives all in light of the fact that the administration is a disappointment," he said. 

"Duterte's politics is the governmental issues of genuine change and it is not an amazement that thousands and a huge number of Filipinos incline toward this," Laviña said.

Source: INQuirer

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