Nene Pimentel: Duterte is a 'phenomenon'

A "phenomenon" is the manner by which previous Senate President Nene Pimentel depicts Mayor Digong Duterte. The creator and Father of the Local Government Code clarified that Duterte is the main presidential applicant who ran in light of the fact that individuals needed him to run, and not due to his own desire. 

It will be reviewed that Duterte supporters assembled exactly 14 million marks to overwhelmingly encourage him to keep running for president. 

Futhermore, Pimentel said that Digong is additionally the principal presidential applicant from Mindanao who has turned into this solid a contender for the most elevated national position in the area, and that this gives exceptionally encouraging ramifications for our Mindanaoan siblings. 

He communicated his trusts, God-willing, that undoubtedly, Duterte will turn into that genuine epitome of genuine change and advance for the Filipino individuals.

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Source: PDP Laban

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