Duterte: Binay and his family will go to jail if he doesn't win
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Presidential hopeful Rodrigo "Rody" Duterte communicated sympathy for Vice President Jejomar Binay, saying he understand the pressure on Binay to win the national elections on May 9. 

As per Duterte, most individuals from the Binay family will need to confront the court if the Vice President loses his bid for the most noteworthy position. 

"In the event that he doesn't win the race, he and numerous individuals from his family will go to imprison," Duterte said. 

Duterte once portrayed the Binays as a 'basketball group'— alluding to the assertions of debasement heaved against his son previous Makati Mayor Junjun Binay and his wife, Dr. Elenita Binay, who likewise served as chairman of the city. 

Junjun is confronting union and criminal allegations before the Sandiganbayan in connection to the overrated Makati stopping building. Elenita, in the interim, is confronting charges for the claimed abnormal buy of healing facility gear adding up to a large number of pesos. 

Duterte has constantly taken swipes at Binay's charged sick gotten riches, saying the Vice President is the main competitor who does not have the ethical power to discuss ending corruption. 

"He can't discuss fighting corruption since he has stuff," Duterte said. 

Duterte's bid has set fighting corruption at the focal point of his motivation - alongside guiltiness and multiplication of illicit medications. 

Duterte likewise hammered Binay for his announcement on the outline killings which he said makes Duterte an extremely unsafe man. 

Binay took a swipe on Duterte over the rundown killings in Davao City where a portion of the casualties are minors. 

In a meeting on Friday (April 8) Duterte said that he too is against rundown killings particularly of minors and the innocents. The city chairman said that not once did he recognize that he was agreeable to synopsis killings.

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Source: CNN Philippines

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