Duterte backfires PNoy, says he's no dictator

After Pres. Ninoy Aquino questioned Duterte's plan for the country (to fast track elimination of criminals and corrupt that could be bloody) that could mean authoritarian administration as per Noynoy in case fate favored the former to win presidency come May 2016, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte backfired Aquino by saying his Mother was then an Aquino loyalist who supported his parents' legacy and iconic move for democracy, dismissing what Noynoy accuses him.

He further elaborated that his Mother died [satirical] for Ninoy supporting Yellow Administration, badmouthing the soldiers and policemen (amidst Martial Law due to her discountenance). Adding "Presidente naman, dali mong makalimot."

The Mayor also laughed anent how Aquino slams him with their backlash on how his ironhand leadership should worry us when in fact, they are endorsing the running Manila Mayor, Dirty Harry (Alfredo Lim) who is, as per Mayor Rodrigo, "mas madumi".

Mr. Duterte, in addition, noticed current Manila Mayor, Erap, endorsing Grace Poe due to his valuation over his friendship with the late FPJ, senator's father. Mayor Digong, meanwhile, jokingly said he does not want to discount Mar in the presidential equation because "magagalit nanaman sya".

Watch the video below:

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Source:ABS-CBN News

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