Duterte answers Binay: "A criminal is a criminal, rich or poor."
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Presidential hopeful Rodrigo Duterte on Friday told that he was not included in extrajudicial killings serving as leader of Davao City. 

This was after his adversary, Vice President Jejomar Binay, cautioned Filipinos that they will lament voting in favor of the Davao City chairman, saying Duterte will execute even minors, ladies, and elderly if suspected to be offenders. (Read: Binay over Duterte's alleged DDS: 'unchristian and a violation of human rights')

Duterte told reporters at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, "I never admitted that I did an extrajudicial killing. What I admitted to him, baka iyong, kuwan, killings. When you go out against criminals and syndicates, do not expect a pristine... It's always bloody. I never said extrajudicial."

"Bakit siya maano sa killing? Is he not worried of the money? Of the billions he took with him?" he added.

Duterte likewise said that he won't pick the hoodlums he will abuse. 

"A criminal is a criminal, rich or poor," he said. 

In his discourse before the National Association of Independent Travel Agencies, he said that he can't murder ladies. 

"Even if I wanted to kill children and women, I could not do it. Lalaki, anytime. But to kill a person kneeling down, his hands up, and say kill him, I could not do that. There is a little bit of warrior left in me," he said.

"You do not kill people like that. It has always been the classic example of arresting a person and a person offering violence resistance. And if you feel you are in danger, shoot the person," he added.

Still, Duterte in his discourse kept on communicating his indignation towards criminals, particularly drug pushers. 

"What give you the right to destroy the life of my son or my daughter? What give you the right to rape a one-year-old child and patay? What gives you the right to pull out somebody there driving a car, a lady at that, and shoot her right there?" he said.

"I ask you, kayong mga kriminal at mga dorogista, p— i— kayo, anong kasalanan namin? Huwag na tayong magdrama-drama rito. Bleeding heart. God. So you count the bleeding heart of the criminals but you never bothered to say a few words of the victims?" he added.

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Source: GMA News

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