De Lima: Duterte’s rise in surveys ‘extremely frightening and disturbing’
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THE ascent of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in latest surveys is "extremely frightening and disturbing," previous justice secretary and senatorial competitor Leila De Lima said on Tuesday night. 

“Number one siya ngayon sa mga surveys. Where is that coming from?” De Lima told reporters.

In the late Pulse Asia poll released by ABS-CBN, Duterte picked up a performance lead with 32 percent of voter inclination. 

Past survey leader Sen. Beauty Poe just had 25 percent. 

De Lima said she was bothered by Duterte's proceeded with ascend as she pummeled the mayor for his late disputable comments about the 1989 pack rape and murder of Australian evangelist Jaqueline Hamill in a confinement cell in Davao City. 

“There are limits and there are standards for public speech,” she said.

While Duterte apologized to Filipinos "all in all," she said the intense talking mayor doesn't sound true. 

De Lima additionally communicated question that Duterte can satisfy his guarantee to control criminality inside the initial six months of his administration on the off chance that he wins the presidency. 

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"Hindi dad naman niya sinasabi sa atin kung paano talaga (niya tatapusin ang criminality)," she said. 

He likewise rejected Duterte's against wrongdoing program as a "complete deception." 

While De Lima conceded that guiltiness stays to be a top worry of Filipinos, she said it couldn't be diminished through "Duterte's style." 

The previous justice secretary said when she was the director of the Commission on Human Rights in 2008, she propelled an examination concerning the Davao Death Squad amid Duterte's term as a city leader. 

De Lima said she is "the solitary voice in the wild" to talk against Duterte. 

"I am dependably the first to stand up reprimanding him," she said. "I am never noiseless with regards to leader Duterte. I can't stand any longer his stand of exemption."

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Source: Inquirer

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