Binay over Duterte's DDS: 'That is  unchristian, unlawful and a violation of human rights'
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VP and Presidential candidate Jejomar Binay on Thursday hit out at opponent Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, enlightening voters to reconsider regarding choosing somebody with a past filled with inclusion in extrajudicial killings. 

Binay said, “You like this person because of what he’s doing.  But when the time comes that it’s your loved ones who get killed based on mere suspicion, that’s the time you will regret your choice."

"I trust we won't get to that point where we will have laments," he said in Filipino. 

Met while campaigning in North Fairview Thursday, Binay rejected Duterte's guarantee of determining crimes "in three to six months" as "suntok sa buwan (a practically unthinkable accomplishment)." 

"That would mean extrajudicial killings left and right, where insignificant suspicion will get somebody executed. Minors, ladies, the elderly, whoever will be slaughtered by insignificant suspicion," Binay told journalists. 

Binay, a previous human rights legal counselor, referred to the significance of due process in demanding equity. 

"You know, I'm a lawyer. The privilege to life is vital," he said. 

"That is the reason we have courts. The court will make the judgment, not what Duterte has been stating where simple suspicion [could get you killed]. That is unchristian, unlawful and an infringement of human rights," he said. 

He said he had confirmation of extrajudicial killings ascribed to the Davao death squad, where Duterte was prior involved. He said the Davao chairman had before confessed to executing 1,700 individuals. 

Inquired as to whether he was assaulting Duterte in light of the fact that the last was beating him in the preelection studies, Binay said studies were not precise.

Source: Inquirer

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Binay over Duterte's alleged DDS: 'unchristian and a violation of human rights' Binay over Duterte's alleged DDS: 'unchristian and a violation of human rights' Reviewed by Kristian S. on 09 April Rating: 5

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