Are you a Duterte hater? This open letter will be an eye-opener to you

National elections is just few stages away and the Philippines will have another president who will lead the country. 

As the presidential races is nearing, tirades against the survey front-runner Mayor Rodrigo Duterte have surfaced everywhere. Furthermore, it's sickening that the stunning rants of whitewashing moralists towards the real thing scattered left and right - making it a temporary fad. 

A considerable measure is censuring about how the Mayor talks however never truly perceived his colossal endeavors to better Davao in any case. Undoubtedly, genuine awards originate from the individuals who know the individual best. 

So keeping in mind that we be understood as obtuse individuals who endure such joke, we suggest you read the Open Letter below of a concerned citizen to divide yourself from those making a decent attempt to-be-bluenosed faultfinders!

by Dennis R. Lazarte

Let me start by saying, we Davaoeños, really don't care if Mayor Rodrigo Duterte will not win. It's not our loss, definitely it's yours. Actually the truth is, we don't want our BELOVED Mayor away from our city, but since we love our country so much, we want the whole Philippines to experience the kind of governance we have here in Davao. We want that all Filipinos will taste the DUTERTE style of leadership. If you will not vote for him, then THANK YOU very much!

We are SOLID, we are united and we will fight for him. We love our Mayor so dearly. We will support his candidacy all the way, even if you ANTI-DUTERTE, are criticizing and mocking us. We are his little armies... we will face and take down his haters and bashers.

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To all of you who are laughing at us, wondering why we are passionately defending our mayor, let me share to you these few things. I will show you a glimpse of DUTERTE's real service to the people. As we always say, LIFE IS HERE in our city! You are given now the chance to experience all of these... the CHOICE is yours!

> One of the most livable cities in Asia and certified number one (1) in the Philippines.
> The city has superb ordinances like Anti-Smoking Ordinance and Liquor Ban until 12 midnight only.
> Cleanest city air in the Philippines and member of the Clean World Cities Coalition.
> City watershed has the second most potable water in the world, next to New Zealand.
> Women Development Code in the city, first in the Philippines.
> Employment in the city is booming as there are thousands of businesses all around.
> Anti-Discrimination Ordinance in the city, wherein no discrimination for Muslim, Christians, Lumads, LGBT Community, PLHIV and People with Disabilities.
> The city has a 98.05% literacy rate, higher than the 93.9% of all the other cities in the Philippines.

> One of the safest cities in the world and the safest in the Philippines.
> The city has a Rehabilitation Program for drug addicts with P2,000 monthly allowance.
> The city has a Fire-Cracker Ban every Christmas, New Year and even whole year round resulting to zero casualty every year.
> Davao Central 911, the only 911 in Asia. All equipments are US-made. All services are free. The only third locality in the world that utilizes 911 as its emergency number, next to the United States and Canada.
> The city has a one of a kind Traffic Light System. Most modern in the Philippines. Sensorized, centralized to Traffic Center and Central 911. The first in the country to have an Adaptive Traffic Signalization System and has a state-of-the-art traffic system similar to the system in Los Angeles in California and in the USA.
> The city has high-tech CCTVs, the most modern in the Philippines. Hundreds of CCTV cameras are closely monitored and reported in real time, far more than what MMDA has which are not even monitored.
> Public Safety Command Center powered by IBM (US technology giant company) making Davao the only Smart City in the Philippines. The city has a state-of-the-art call center operating 24 hours a day that services the residents needs. The fastest that can respond to crime and disaster.
> The city has a state-of-the-art facilities of a Government Hospital. The most modern hospital equipments in the city are not in private hospitals but in a government hospital - the Southern Philippines Medical Center (formerly Davao Medical Center).
> The City Transport Terminal has a passenger lounge and wifi and is airconditioned.
> The city has the fewest road accidents for any city in Philippines due to its Speed Limit Ordinance.
> The City Disaster Coordinating Council has been cited as the Best Prepared Disaster Coordinating Council in the country.
> The city vehicles, equipments and other assets are complete, either new or well-maintained with no markings of any Duterte's name.
> The city has a biggest successful zonal improvement project in the whole of Asia.
> The city won the Hall of Fame Award from the Peace and Order Council of the Philippines.
> Most Peaceful City in Southeast Asia, not only in the Philippines.
> The City Police Office is a consistent top pick for the Country’s Best Police Office Award.
> Peace and order is the centerpiece attraction of the city where you can safely walk around without fear at any time of the day or night.
> The city gives legal assistance to its poor residents.
> Police, Army, MILF, MNLF and NPA never complain about the management of the city.

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Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is really making a sacrifice to all the Davaeños. Now, he wants to do all these things in the entire Philippines. As he said in the Presidential Debate, "In this country, there is trouble everywhere. There is corruption, criminality, and the flooding of drugs. 

Progress can never happen to this country with these things around. I will try to suppress crime. I cannot promise you heaven. I will try to suppress drugs. In 3 to 6 months, I will stop corruption. We have to protect the children. We have to end crime. Drugs must be suppressed. I will provide LEADERSHIP, not only a platform."

We, the SOLID DUTERTE SUPPORTERS, believe that Mayor Duterte can do anything for the betterment of our country. We believe that his number one objective is NATIONAL SECURITY.

CHANGE IS COMING, Duterte will win!

Source: FB Duterte Page

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