Veteran columnist: Duterte will win by landslide

Ambassador and Malayan Business Insight Columnist Rey O. Arcilla said on his column that Duterte will win by landslide. 

The veteran journalist, Arcilla, shared his perspective about the result of the upcoming elections and predicted that Mayor Rody Duterte will win the presidential race unless cheated by his opponents. 

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Read his article below:

THE mainstream media have been largely ignoring the campaign sorties of President-to-be Rodrigo Roa Duterte (unless he is cheated). 

​Consequently, people have been resorting to social media (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) to see how he does whenever he goes to places in and outside Metro Manila. 

The last one I saw was a video clip of his recent sortie to Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental, a Liberal Party stronghold. Ironically, it was reminiscent of Pope Francis’ visit to Manila last year. Aside from the adoring multitude, Digong was also riding a vehicle-pulled contraption that reminded me of the popemobile.

The crowds that received him wherever he went were obviously not the “hakot” type. He does not have the money to resort to that. They come in droves because they like him. They want him to be their next president. He is different from the three other “trapos” contesting the presidency. They know he is sincere in getting us out of the quagmire we are in. 

So, why are the mainstream media ignoring him? The only reason I could think of is because these media outfits belong to the rich, the oligarchs, many of whom are Washington-worshippers and have puppets in government. They are averse to the idea of losing virtual control over the kind of domestic and foreign policies, both political and economic, that the government pursues. They want only policies that would serve their selfish ends and satisfy their greed.

It is also obvious that crime and drug syndicates have become a pervading menace and destructive influence on our national life. They, too, do not want Digong to be president. 
But this time, they will be frustrated notwithstanding the administration party’s amateurish and desperate attempts to derail Digong’s inexorable march to victory. The Filipino people will triumphantly carry him to Malacañang come July 1… unless he is cheated, in which case, there might be hell to pay in this benighted land.

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Source: Malayan Business Insight

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