Watch: Mistress Gets Caught by Wife

When does loving become a sin? This might probably be one of the hardest questions ever asked. Because when we love, we just love and give our all the best possible way we can with no questions asked; No ifs, no buts - just pure intimacy and soulful affection that come from the deepest parts of our hearts. 

But what if someone we love is a person whose heart already belongs to somebody else? Is it still right and just to keep that feeling when we know (for a fact) that a relationship shared by more than two already makes the whole thing wrong? If all else fails, is loving that special one still ever worth doing? You decide! 

Watch this disturbing video that circulates online showing the wife, with her seemed-to-be friend, running after her husband's alleged other woman. The wife, as the legal partner, fought for her right and made a scene at a certain mall after she caught her husband and his said-to-be mistress in the act. 

She chased for the two and grabbed the woman's hair as soon as she got the chance to. Even if guards were quick enough to pacify the latter, it took long before she let go the former.

Nahuli ng asawa ang asawa niya sa mall na kasama ang kanyang kabit. Hay nakuu!
Posted by Filipino Netizens on Monday, March 7, 2016

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Watch: Mistress and Husband Caught in the Act by Wife at the Mall Watch: Mistress and Husband Caught in the Act by Wife at the Mall Reviewed by Kristian S. on 10 March Rating: 5

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