10 Steps to Move On by Kimpoy Feliciano
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How hard does it feel having your heart broken by the one you thought would never do it? Well, experiencing the same (at least for me), it does hurt like hell, I must say. And no matter how cliche it may sound, truth is, to love and to be loved by the person you dream of is still the most beautiful definition the word perfection suits best.

But life, as we know it, is not perfect. And so do people. Life is full of inevitable twists and turns and when I say twists and turns, it happens on the time we least expect it. It's like now you're fine, the next thing you know you're not - long before you realize how crazy of a roller coaster ride it has been. 

Love, on the other hand, has that bump called break up which lovers consider of doing when differences arise and both cannot, unfortunately, embrace them. 

As finding another partner could come in just a click nowadays, searching for the right one may be finding a needle in a haystack. No wonder why failed relationships of long-time couples don't surprise us anymore. Because love alone does not guarantee us in having that forever we've all been wanting for regardless of how unbreakable you and your partner may seem at the present time, how much you thought you know each other and even how long you have been together.

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When you really love that significant other of yours, break up is a nightmare that will hunt you while you're awake. But as soon as you find yourself lost in agony, left behind helpless and with no choice, you end up pitying yourself. There is where moving on comes along. Moving on, apparently, is easier said than done. Luckily, there is Kimpoy Feliciano to give us a real-life based tips on how to cope from the darkest times brought by the excruciating pain of a heartbreak.

Watch his video as he enumerates the things he thinks would help you get back on the right track after a break up.

10 STEPS PARA MAG-MOVE ON </3Tag mo yung kaibigan mo na tingin mo kailangan na mag-Move On! :'( HAHA :))Madaling sabihin pero mahirap gawin.Paano mag-Move On in ONE MINUTE! :))Instagram: @kimpoyfelicianoSnapchat: kimpoyfelicianoTwitter: @kimpoyfeliciano
Posted by Kimpoy Feliciano on Saturday, March 5, 2016

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