Must Read! Why Grace Poe SHOULD NOT BE the Next PH President

Grace Poe's presidential aspirations has all the earmarks of being buried in sludge—every last bit of her own doing. Amid oral contentions at the Supreme Court, Associate Justice Mariano del Castillo asked Poe's direction, Alexander Poblador, why his customer surrendered her Philippine citizenship and rather turned into an American. 

For common people who have no aim of running for president of the Philippines one day, this is not an issue. Truth be told numerous who moved to the U.S. also, got to be American natives are entirely content with that choice. Large portions of them have additionally selected to re-gain Philippine citizenship and are double nationals of both countries. 

It just gets to be muddled if like Poe, you choose to keep running for high open office in the Philippines. What's more, the reason is this: with a specific end goal to end up a naturalized American, you should first revoke your Philippine citizenship and swear devotion to the United States. This may not be promptly clear amid the naturalization function as there is typically a bubbly climate to the occasion. However, in that service, every member repudiates loyalty to their old nation and with their right hand raised, swears dependability to their new one. 

It consequently turns out to be more than a minor issue for somebody such as Poe who says she now needs to lead the Philippines as its leader. Yet she played Judas on the nation when she turned into a naturalized American in 2001. 

A president of a nation (any nation) is not only a conventional resident. They are the epitome of what their nation is and all that it remains for. Like George Washington for the United States, or Winston Churchill for England, or Charles De Gaulle for France, a president or an executive turns into the representation of their nation to whatever is left of the world. 

So by what method would someone be able to who at one point surrendered being Filipino ever plan to now represent its trusts and goals? She can't. Truth be told we trust that congress ought to pass a law that renders any individual who has intentionally turned into a naturalized subject of another nation, ineligible to ever gotten to be president. 

When you consider it, what Poe did is go national shopping. When it was more helpful to be an American, she dropped her Philippine citizenship like she would a hot potato. At that point her stride father Fernando Poe Jr. passed away and she saw a chance to influence his fame with the masses into a political profession for herself. So she helpfully drops her American citizenship and reacquires Philippine citizenship so she can run, first for congressperson, then springboard that into a keep running for president. The hardness of such moves ought to give each Filipino voter interruption for worry, over and past the way that Poe's glaring absence of experience renders her unfit for that office in the first place. 

Through her activities Poe has demonstrated that she has no steadfastness at all to either the Philippines or the United States and merits nothing from either.

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