Duterte Calls Trillanes a "Barking Dog"

“He is a barking dog.” This was the means by which presidential aspirant Mayor Rodrigo Duterte portrayed Senator Antonio Trillanes IV in a meeting by the media in General Santos City where he drafted the recently chosen officers of the Jaycess. 

Trillanes has been calling the Filipinos not to vote in favor of Duterte, saying the chairman's organization is a catastrophe to the country. 

Duterte likewise uncovered that Trillanes had once gone to him and requested that be his running mate if the chairman chooses to keep running for president. 

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The mayor did not give promote points of interest as to the aftereffect of that meeting yet demanded that he has the photograph of that experience in an inn in Manila. 

In safeguarding his reactions on Duterte, Trillanes scrutinized the leader's method for administration and order, depicting the same as powerful just in Davao City however not in the entire nation. 

Duterte additionally illuminated in the same meeting that he is not affected by the aftereffects of the late overview directed by the Social Weather Station (SWS).

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