‘SHOE-OFF’ Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, calls reporters’ attention to his unbranded shoes, which he wears without socks. He is indeed a very simple man. Photo by  Inquirer.
Rodrigo Duterte is turning 71 amidst the campaign season, on Monday, March 28, to be exact.

"I'll sleep the whole day. That’s the tradition. I have never celebrated a birthday in my life," he told reporters in Camiguin on Wednesday, March 23.

The previous couple of months have been jam-pressed for the Davao City leader who dove directly into his first presidential bid after filing his COC for president.

In any case, on Monday, Duterte wants to temporarily leave the campaign field and spend the day at home.

"I spend the day alone and I pray then, [see my] children," he said.

Duterte was conceived on March 28, 1945 in Maasin, Southern Leyte. Maasin occupants sang him their birthday welcoming ahead of time when he went to the city last Wednesday.

Reporters were at initially befuddled about when his birthday is because Duterte said during the second debate in Cebu that his birthday is in November.

Asked why he lied, a sheepish Duterte told the amused reporters, "Kasi sabi nila magpunta sila doon sa birthday ko so I brought you to a rigmarole para hindi niyo ako mahuli doon."

He has always kept his birthday "as a very private matter. Natutulog lang po ako.”

A staff individual from the Davao City government told Rappler that Duterte's birthday is something like an occasion for the city government workers.

Among the 5 presidential candidates, Duterte is the second oldest after Vice President Jejomar Binay who is 73 years of age. After Duterte, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago is the most senior at 70 years of age.
Source: Rappler

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