De Lima disagrees with Duterte and Poe's stand about Death Penalty
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Previous Justice Secretary Leila de Lima contradicted the revival of death punishment in the nation, which two of the presidential hopefuls, Senator Grace Poe and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, support. 

The senatorial applicant running under the organization upheld Liberal Party contended that it was never demonstrated that death punishment prevents wrongdoing. 

De Lima said in a statement on Monday,“The death penalty should be abolished, not only because there is no correlation between this punishment and crime deterrence, but also its effects are basically irreversible.”

The previous chairpesron of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) said that punishing lawbreakers liable of appalling offenses with life detainment without any chance to appeal or official pardon would suffice. 

Saying that even criminals could get to be gainful individuals from the general public, De Lima said it is the obligation of the legislature to guide lawbreakers to an existence of change. 

She referred to a finding of the CHR that 52.2 percent of sentenced lawbreakers in the death row fit in with the least social class. 

She said the greater part of these convicts can't bear to contract great legal advisors, depending just on the court to give them lawful guidance.

Source: Inquirer

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De Lima disagrees with Duterte and Poe stand about Death Penalty De Lima disagrees with Duterte and Poe stand about Death Penalty Reviewed by Kristian S. on 22 March Rating: 5

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